Respect the environment

Sustainability and ethics are a combination for a responsible company that wants to link the market needs to efficiency and profitability, people’s well-being to sustainable development.

We have adopted a sustainable approach in all areas of our business, from supplies to production, from corporate Walfare to environment’s sustainability.

Our approach is made by the link between economic and social sustainability. We aim to the stakeholders’ satisfaction, and we try to do through a balanced relationship between the company and its suppliers, customers and employees.

Our relationship are transparent and based on collaboration to achieve a common goal through every choice and action.

Everything goes around People: employees and their families, customers and their expectations, suppliers and their goals. Everyone is involved to achieve the results.


Project Vending seeks to make every aspect of the design and production of vending machines sustainable. We have adopted technological innovations allowing the distributor to charge with the crank and solar panels.

The company is also committed to distributors’ sustainable disposal of its thanks to recycling distributor cards and internal components.

The commitment to sustainable production is global and touches on various aspects of the business.

Sustainable solutions for the respect of the environment.